1.) Cistanche tubulosa phenylethanoid glycosides induce apoptosis in H22 hepatocellular carcinoma cells through both extrinsic and intrinsic signaling pathways 

2.) [Research on the effect of phenylethanoid glycosides (PEG) of the Cistanche deserticola on anti-aging in aged mice induced by D-galactose]. 

3.) The change of functions and hypermicro-instructure in lung in experimental aging mice and effect of cistanche desertica polysacchrides on the change 

4.) Studies on the sedative effect of Cistanche deserticola 

5.) Effects of cistanche desertica polysacchrides on the constitution of protein and anti-oxidative capacity of lune in aging mice 

6.) Advances in Research of Chemical Constituents and Medicinal Activity of Cistanche 

7.) The effects of glycosides of cistanche on learning and memory in β-amyloid peptide induced Alzheimers disease in mice and its possible mechanism 

8.) Reduction of Inflammatory Hyperplasia in the Intestine in Colon Cancer‐prone Mice by Water‐extract of Cistanche deserticola 

9.) Reversal by aqueous extracts of Cistanche tubulosa from behavioral deficits in Alzheimer’s disease-like rat model: relevance for amyloid deposition and central neurotransmitter function 

10.) Effect of glycosides of cistanche on learning and memory in Alzheimer′s disease mice and its mechanism 

11.) Protective effects of glycosides of cistanche on behaviors and memory impairment mice induced by aluminum trichloride 

12.) Anti-nociceptive and anti-inflammatory activity caused by Cistanche deserticola in rodents 

13.) Chemical constituents and in vitro anti-inflammatory activity of Cistanche violacea Desf. (Orobanchaceae) extract 

14.) Experiment Study of Desertliving Cistanche Polysaccharides on Regulated Haematogenesis in Bone Marrow Depressed Anemia Mice 

15.) An Open-Label, Non placebo-Controlled Study on Cistanche tubulosa Glycoside Capsules (Memoregain1) for Treating Moderate Alzheimer’s Disease 

16.) Effect of glycosides of Cistanche on the expression of mitochondrial precursor protein and keratin type II cytoskeletal 6A in a rat model of vascular dementia 

17.) Cistanche tubulosa phenylethanoid glycosides induce apoptosis in Eca‑109 cells via the mitochondria‑dependent pathway 

18.) Effect of Cistanche tubulosa (Scheuk) Whight acteoside on telomerase activity and immunity of aging mice 

19.) Desertliving cistanche anti-aging action:A comparative study 

20.) Effect of Polysaccharides of Cistanche deserticola on Immune Cells and Telomerase Activity in Aging Mice 

21.) Extracts of Cistanche deserticola Can Antagonize Immunosenescence and Extend Life Span in Senescence-Accelerated Mouse Prone 8 (SAM-P8) Mice