“Since taking the herbal blend daily for the past few months, the symptoms that I experience with my autoimmune condition have been greatly reduced. I sleep now and my cravings are gone. The skin rash that has plagued me for years has been reduced by 70%. I have greater mental clarity and my mood has improved. I am no longer having daily headaches. And I've lost 9 pounds and changed nothing further about my diet except adding the herbal blend to my morning coffee and my evening tea, taken about ten hours apart. I believe the blend that I am taking is improving my symptoms and healing my gut and immune system. I took baseline blood tests before I began taking the herbs and I take a new test mid-December so I am excited to share the measurable improvements to my immune system when that time comes.  I am so grateful for the opportunity to heal naturally with God's medicine!”




"I was on this tea for pain for a while and liked what it did. I wasn't aware how good it worked until I ran out. I have been a mess with muscle spasms and stiffness in my low back. I know I wasn't having any of this before. Also, as a side affect my legs didn't swell while I was drinking this wonderful blend. Without this tea I am having a hard time moving and have come to know I cannot let myself run out again. The dr pills, muscle relaxers, caused me to be sleepy and gain weight and didn't do much help. No, I'm staying with what I know helps me the most. Dylan special blend to ease the pain and give me a decent quality of life. I am starting post op physical therapy soon and I absolutely know it will be a lot better and easier with having my tea. Wish me luck"