1. Autophagy and intermittent Fasting: the connection for Cancer therapy?
  2. Effects of short-term Fasting on Cancer treatment
  3. Fasting and caloric restriction in Cancer prevention and treatment
  4. Fasting and Cancer treatment in humans: A case series report
  5. Fasting and Cancer: molecular mechanisms and clinical application
  6. Fasting blood glucose and Cancer risk in a cohort of more than 140,000 adults in Austria
  7. Fasting blood glucose level and prognosis in non-small cell lung Cancer (NSCLC) patients
  8. Fasting blood glucose levels provide estimate of duration and progression of pancreatic Cancer before diagnosis
  9. Fasting C-peptide levels and death resulting from all causes and breast Cancer: the health, eating, activity, and lifestyle study
  10. Fasting cycles potentiate the efficacy of gemcitabine treatment in in vitro and in vivo pancreatic Cancer models
  11. Fasting cycles retard growth of tumors and sensitize a range of Cancer cell types to chemotherapy
  12. Fasting glucose is a risk factor for breast Cancer: a prospective study
  13. Fasting inhibits aerobic glycolysis and proliferation in colorectal Cancer via the Fdft1-mediated AKT/mTOR/HIF1α pathway suppression
  14. Fasting insulin and outcome in early-stage breast Cancer: results of a prospective cohort study
  15. Fasting mimicking diet as an adjunct to neoadjuvant chemotherapy for breast Cancer in the multicentre randomized phase 2 DIRECT trial
  16. Fasting plasma amino acid levels in Cancer patients
  17. Fasting serum glucose level and Cancer risk in Korean men and women
  18. Fasting to enhance Cancer treatment in models: the next steps
  19. Fasting vs dietary restriction in cellular protection and Cancer treatment: from model organisms to patients
  20. Fasting-mimicking diet and hormone therapy induce breast Cancer regression
  21. Fasting-mimicking diet and markers/risk factors for aging, diabetes, Cancer, and cardiovascular disease
  22. Fibrinogen synthesis is elevated in Fasting Cancer patients with an acute phase response
  23. Glucose flux in relation to energy expenditure in malnourished patients with and without Cancer during periods of Fasting and feeding
  24. Prolonged nightly Fasting and breast Cancer prognosis
  25. Prolonged nightly Fasting and breast Cancer risk: findings from NHANES (2009–2010)
  26. Reduced levels of IGF-I mediate differential protection of normal and Cancer cells in response to Fasting and improve chemotherapeutic index
  27. Resectability of presymptomatic pancreatic Cancer and its relationship to onset of diabetes: a retrospective review of CT scans and Fasting glucose values prior to …
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  61. Detection of the differentially expressed gene IGF-binding protein-related protein-1 and analysis of its relationship to Fasting glucose in Chinese colorectal Cancer
  62. Diet and Chemotherapy: The Effects of Fasting and Ketogenic Diet on Cancer Treatment
  63. Does Fasting during Ramadan trigger non-adherence to oral hormonal therapy in breast Cancer patients?
  64. Effect of home-based exercise intervention on Fasting insulin and adipocytokines in colorectal Cancer survivors: a randomized controlled trial
  65. Effect of intermittent Fasting on prostate Cancer tumor growth in a mouse model
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  91. Fasting inhibits hepatic stellate cells activation and potentiates anti‐Cancer activity of Sorafenib in hepatocellular Cancer cells
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