1. Inflammation & Prostate Cancer
  2. Inflammation Aging Cancer
  3. Inflammation And Altered Drug Clearance In Cancer: Transcriptional Repression Of A Human Cyp3A4 Transgene In Tumor‐Bearing Mice
  4. Inflammation And Antiangiogenesis In Cancer
  5. Inflammation And Attentional Bias In Breast Cancer Survivors
  6. Inflammation And Behavioral Symptoms After Breast Cancer Treatment: Do Fatigue, Depression, And Sleep Disturbance Share A Common Underlying Mechanism?
  7. Inflammation And Body Composition In Over-And Undernutrition: Overweight And Cancer Cachexia
  8. Inflammation And Breast Cancer
  9. Inflammation And Breast Cancer Prevention By Phyllostachys Edulis Extract
  10. Inflammation And Breast Cancer Risk
  11. Inflammation And Breast Cancer: A Mini Review
  12. Inflammation And Breast Cancer: Clinical Markers And Impact On Breast Cancer Incidence, Severity And Survival
  13. Inflammation And Chemerin In Colorectal Cancer
  14. Inflammation And Colon Cancer
  15. Inflammation And Colorectal Cancer
  16. Inflammation And Colorectal Cancer, When Microbiota-Host Mutualism Breaks
  17. Inflammation And Colorectal Cancer: Colitis-Associated Neoplasia
  18. Inflammation And Colorectal Cancer: Does Aspirin Affect The Interaction Between Cancer And Immune Cells?
  19. Inflammation And Colorectal Cancer: Elucidation Of The Cellular And Molecular Mechanisms By Which Interleukin 22 Contributes To The Development And Progression Of …
  20. Inflammation And Colorectal Cancer: Ibd-Associated And Sporadic Cancer Compared
  21. Inflammation And Cyp3A4-Mediated Drug Metabolism In Advanced Cancer: Impact And Implications For Chemotherapeutic Drug Dosing
  22. Inflammation And Dna Damage: Probing Pathways To CancerAnd Neurodegeneration
  23. Inflammation And Emt: An Alliance Towards Organ Fibrosis And Cancer Progression
  24. Inflammation And Endometrial Cancer: A Hypothesis
  25. Inflammation And Endothelial Activation In Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia And Prostate Cancer
  26. Inflammation And Fatigue Dimensions In Advanced Cancer Patients And Cancer Survivors
  27. Inflammation And Fatigue Dimensions In Advanced Cancer Patients And Cancer Survivors: An Explorative Study
  28. Inflammation And Gastrointestinal Cancer: An Overview
  29. Inflammation And Hemostatic Activation May Contribute To Postsurgical Thrombosis In Patients With Bladder Cancer
  30. Inflammation And Human Cancer
  31. Inflammation And Igf‐I Activate The Akt Pathway In Breast Cancer
  32. Inflammation And Immune Surveillance In Cancer
  33. Inflammation And Immunity In Cancer
  34. Inflammation And Immunosurveillance In Breast Cancer
  35. Inflammation And Infection In The Etiology Of Prostate Cancer
  36. Inflammation And Inflammatory Cytokine Contribute To The Initiation And Development Of Ulcerative Colitis And Its Associated Cancer
  37. Inflammation And Inflammatory Mediators In Kidney Disease: Il-33 Deficiency Slows Cancer Growth But Does Not Protect Against Cisplatin-Induced Aki In Mice …
  38. Inflammation And Intestinal Homeostasis-Associated Genes In Colorectal Cancer
  39. Inflammation And Invasive Margin In Colorectal Cancer
  40. Inflammation And Its Role In Prostate Cancer
  41. Inflammation And Liver Cancer: Molecular Mechanisms And Therapeutic Targets
  42. Inflammation And Liver Cancer: New Molecular Links
  43. Inflammation And Lung Cancer
  44. Inflammation And Lung Cancer Oxidative Stress, Ros, And Dna Damage
  45. Inflammation And Lung Cancer: Addressing Inflammation With Immunotherapy
  46. Inflammation And Lung Cancer: Eicosanoids
  47. Inflammation And Lung Cancer: Molecular Pathology
  48. Inflammation And Lung Cancer: Prevention
  49. Inflammation And Lung Cancer: Roles Of Reactive Oxygen/Nitrogen Species
  50. Inflammation And Lung Cancer: The Link To Angiogenesis
  51. Inflammation And Lung Cancer: The Relationship To Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
  52. Inflammation And Lung Cancer: The Role Of Epithelial–Mesenchymal Transition
  53. Inflammation And Matrix Metalloproteinases: Implications For Cancer Development
  54. Inflammation And Metabolism In Cancer Cell–Mitochondria Key Player
  55. Inflammation And Mir-21 Pathways Functionally Interact To Downregulate Pdcd4 In Colorectal Cancer
  56. Inflammation And Neural Signaling: Etiologic Mechanisms Of The Cancer Treatment-Related Symptom Cluster
  57. Inflammation And Nf-Κb Signaling In Prostate Cancer: Mechanisms And Clinical Implications
  58. Inflammation And Oral Cancer: An Update Review On Targeted Therapies.
  59. Inflammation And Ovarian Cancer
  60. Inflammation And Ovarian Cancer–Current Views
  61. Inflammation And Oxidative Dna Damage: A Dangerous Synergistic Pathway To Cancer
  62. Inflammation And Pancreatic Cancer: A Tale Of Two Cytokines
  63. Inflammation And Pancreatic Cancer: An Evidence-Based Review
  64. Inflammation And Pancreatic Cancer: An Updated Review
  65. Inflammation And Pancreatic Cancer: Disease Promoter And New Therapeutic Target
  66. Inflammation And Pancreatic Cancer: Focus On Metabolism, Cytokines, And Immunity
  67. Inflammation And Pancreatic Cancer: Molecular And Functional Interactions Between S100A8, S100A9, Nt-S100A8 And Tgfβ1
  68. Inflammation And Pancreatic Cancer: Recent Development With Focusing On Potential New Drug Targets
  69. Inflammation And Preneoplastic Lesions In Benign Prostate As Risk Factors For Prostate Cancer
  70. Inflammation And Prognosis In Breast Cancer. A Search For Host Resistance
  71. Inflammation And Prognosis In Colorectal Cancer
  72. Inflammation And Prostate Cancer
  73. Inflammation And Prostate Cancer Development: The Role Of Chemokine (Cxc Motif) Ligand 12 And Its Receptors Cxcr4 And Cxcr7 …
  74. Inflammation And Prostate Cancer.
  75. Inflammation And Prostate Cancer: A Focus On Infections
  76. Inflammation And Prostate Cancer: A Future Target For Prevention And Therapy?
  77. Inflammation And Prostate Cancer: Effects On Carcinogenesis And The Role Of 1, 25-Dihydroxyvitamin D3 On The Biology Of Infiltrating Myeloid Cells
  78. Inflammation And Prostate Cancer: Friends Or Foe?
  79. Inflammation And Prostate Cancer: The Role Of Interleukin 6 (Il‐6)
  80. Inflammation And Prostate Cancer-Correlations Between The Degree Of Inflammation And The Gleason Score.
  81. Inflammation And Psychosocial Factors Mediate Exercise Effects On Sleep Quality In Breast Cancer Survivors: Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial
  82. Inflammation And Skin Cancer Mediated Through C-Fos/Ap-1
  83. Inflammation And The Development Of Pancreatic Cancer
  84. Inflammation And Tobacco-Specific Carcinogens In The Pathogenesis Of Lung Cancer.
  85. Inflammation And Urothelial Bladder Cancer. What We Need To Know?
  86. Inflammation And Cancer
  87. Inflammation And Cancer Development In Pancreatic And Biliary Tract Cancer
  88. Inflammation And Cancer Rodent Models Of Infectious Gastrointestinal And Liver Cancer
  89. Inflammation And Cancer Role Of Chronic Inflammation And Cytokine Gene Polymorphisms In The Pathogenesis Of Gastrointestinal Malignancy
  90. Inflammation And Cancer Somatostatin And The Innate Immune System
  91. Inflammation And Cancer Colorectal Cancer In Inflammatory Bowel Disease: The Role Of Inflammation
  92. Inflammation And Cancer Of The Prostate
  93. Inflammation And Cancer Prevention: Is There A Link?
  94. Inflammation And Cancer Revisited: An Hypothesis On The Oncogenic Potential Of The Apoptotic Tumor Cell
  95. Inflammation And Cancer Stem Cells
  96. Inflammation And Cancer Chronic Pancreatitis And Pancreatic Cancer
  97. Inflammation And Cancer, The Mastocytoma P815 Tumor Model Revisited: Triggering Of Macrophage Activation In Vivo With Pro‐Tumorigenic Consequences
  98. Inflammation And Cancer: A Comparative View
  99. Inflammation And Cancer: A Double-Edged Sword
  100. Inflammation And Cancer: A Failure Of Resolution?
  101. Inflammation And Cancer: A Multifaceted Link
  102. Inflammation And Cancer: Advances And New Agents
  103. Inflammation And Cancer: An Ancient Link With Novel Potentials
  104. Inflammation And Cancer: An Epidemiological Perspective
  105. Inflammation And Cancer: Back To Virchow?
  106. Inflammation And Cancer: Breast Cancer As A Prototype
  107. Inflammation And Cancer: Causes And Consequences
  108. Inflammation And Cancer: Chemical Approaches To Mechanisms, Imaging, And Treatment
  109. Inflammation And Cancer: Critical View
  110. Inflammation And Cancer: Divergent Roles For Leukotriene B4 Receptor-1 And Chemokine Decoy Receptor D6
  111. Inflammation And Cancer: Extra-And Intracellular Determinants Of Tumor-Associated Macrophages As Tumor Promoters
  112. Inflammation And Cancer: Friend Or Foe?
  113. Inflammation And Cancer: Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C And Hcc
  114. Inflammation And Cancer: How Friendly Is The Relationship For Cancer Patients?
  115. Inflammation And Cancer: How Hot Is The Link?
  116. Inflammation And Cancer: Il-6 And Stat3 Complete The Link
  117. Inflammation And Cancer: In Medio Stat Nano
  118. Inflammation And Cancer: Inhibiting The Progression Of Residual Hepatic Vx2 Carcinoma By Anti-Inflammatory Drug After Incomplete Radiofrequency Ablation
  119. Inflammation And Cancer: Interweaving Microrna, Free Radical, Cytokine And P53 Pathways
  120. Inflammation And Cancer: Is Aid Aiding?
  121. Inflammation And Cancer: Is Trophism The Link?
  122. Inflammation And Cancer: Macrophage Migration Inhibitory Factor (Mif)—The Potential Missing Link
  123. Inflammation And Cancer: Methods And Protocols
  124. Inflammation And Cancer: Methods And Protocols: Volume 2, Molecular Analysis And Pathways
  125. Inflammation And Cancer: Organ-Specific Regulation Of Cancer Development
  126. Inflammation And Cancer: Relevance Of Myeloid Cells Recruitment And Plasticity In Tumor Biology
  127. Inflammation And Cancer: Role Of Annexin A1 And Fpr2/Alx In Proliferation And Metastasis In Human Laryngeal Squamous Cell Carcinoma
  128. Inflammation And Cancer: Role Of Nuclear Factor‐Kappab Activation
  129. Inflammation And Cancer: The Link Grows Stronger
  130. Inflammation And Cancer: The Long Reach Of Ras
  131. Inflammation And Cancer: The Macrophage Connection
  132. Inflammation And Cancer: The Oncogene-Driven Connection
  133. Inflammation And Cancer: The Role Of Lipid Signaling In The Continuum Between Two Ends Of The Tumor Spectrum
  134. Inflammation And Cancer: The Role Of The Human Neutrophil
  135. Inflammation And Cancer: Till Death Tears Them Apart
  136. Inflammation And Cancer: Tissue Regeneration Gone Awry
  137. Inflammation And Cancer: Triggers, Mechanisms, And Consequences
  138. Inflammation And Cancer: What A Surgical Oncologist Should Know
  139. Inflammation And Cancer: What Can We Therapeutically Expect From Checkpoint Inhibitors?
  140. Inflammation And Cancer: When Nf-Κb Amalgamates The Perilous Partnership
  141. Inflammation And Cancer-Colorectal Carcinoma As An Example
  142. Inflammation And Cancer-Related Fatigue In Breast Cancer Survivors
  143. Inflammation And Cancer-Related Fatigue: Mechanisms, Contributing Factors, And Treatment Implications
  144. Inflammation As A Target For Prostate Cancer Chemoprevention: Pathological And Laboratory Rationale
  145. Inflammation As A Target In Prostate Cancer
  146. Inflammation As A Target In Cancer Therapy
  147. Inflammation As A Tumor Promoter In Cancer Induction
  148. Inflammation As A Cancer Co-Initiator: New Mechanistic Model Predicts Low/Negligible Risk At Noninflammatory Carcinogen Doses
  149. Inflammation As Target In Cancer Therapy
  150. Inflammation As The Primary Aetiological Agent Of Human Prostate Cancer: A Stem Cell Connection?
  151. Inflammation Associated Factors Induce Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition In Breast Cancer Cells
  152. Inflammation At The Inception Of Cancer: Using Fish And Fly To Tell The Story
  153. Inflammation Based Regulation Of Cancer Cachexia
  154. Inflammation By The Intrapleural Administration Of Streptococcal Preparation (Ok‐432) On The Prognosis Of Completely Resected Non‐Small‐Cell Lung Cancer
  155. Inflammation Caused By Radiofrequency Ablation For Lung Cancer Is Worse After Radiotherapy And In Large Tumours
  156. Inflammation Decreases Keratin Level In Ulcerative Colitis; Inadequate Restoration Associates With Increased Risk Of Colitis-Associated Cancer
  157. Inflammation Detected By Bronchoscopy With Endobronchial Ultrasound-Guided Transbronchial Needle Aspiration In Patients With Suspected Cancer Recurrence In The …
  158. Inflammation Driven By Tumour-Specific Th1 Cells Protects Against B-Cell Cancer
  159. Inflammation Enhanced Colon Cancer & Natural Anti-Cancer Plant Compounds
  160. Inflammation Factors And Element Supplementation In Cancer
  161. Inflammation Fires Up Cancer Metastasis
  162. Inflammation For Predicting Survival And Chemotherapeutic Outcomes And Monitoring Tumor Progression In Patients With Unresectable Metastatic Colorectal Cancer
  163. Inflammation Genes And Pain Severity In Lung Cancer Patients
  164. Inflammation Has A Role In Urethane‑Induced Lung Cancer In C57Bl/6J Mice
  165. Inflammation In Benign Prostate Tissue And Prostate Cancer In The Finasteride Arm Of The Prostate Cancer Prevention Trial
  166. Inflammation In Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease And Its Role In Cardiovascular Disease And Lung Cancer
  167. Inflammation In Colorectal Cancer Inflammatory Bowel Disease, And Diabetes Mellitus: The Link
  168. Inflammation In Colorectal Cancer Risk: The Role Of Nutritional Determinants And Genetic Variation
  169. Inflammation In Gastric Adenocarcinoma Of The Cardia: How Do Ebv Infection, Her2 Amplification And Cancer Progression Influence Tumor-Infiltrating Lymphocytes?
  170. Inflammation In Gastric Cancer: Interplay Of The Cox‐2/Prostaglandin E2 And Toll‐Like Receptor/Myd88 Pathways
  171. Inflammation In Lung Carcinogenesis: New Targets For Lung Cancer Chemoprevention And Treatment
  172. Inflammation In Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer: Associations With Risk And Survival In Women
  173. Inflammation In Prostate Cancer Progression And Therapeutic Targeting
  174. Inflammation In Sporadic Colorectal Cancer.
  175. Inflammation In The Context Of Oral Cancer
  176. Inflammation In The Development Of Lung Cancer: Epidemiological Evidence
  177. Inflammation In The Etiology Of Prostate Cancer: An Epidemiologic Perspective
  178. Inflammation In The Molecular Pathogenesis Of Cancer And Atherosclerosis
  179. Inflammation In Cancer And Depression: A Starring Role For The Kynurenine Pathway
  180. Inflammation In Cancer Cachexia: To Resolve Or Not To Resolve (Is That The Question?)
  181. Inflammation In Cancer: Part Of The Problem Or Part Of The Solution?
  182. Inflammation Increases Notch1 Activity Via Mmp9 And Is Counteracted By Eicosapentaenoic Acid-Free Fatty Acid In Colon Cancer Cells
  183. Inflammation Index Predicts The Combined Clinical Outcome After Sequential Therapy With Abiraterone And Docetaxel For Metastatic Castration‐Resistant Prostate Cancer …
  184. Inflammation Index, Neutrophil‐To‐Lymphocyte Ratio, Platelet‐To‐Lymphocyte Ratio Can Predict Clinical Outcomes In Patients With Metastatic Non‐Small‐Cell Lung Cancer …
  185. Inflammation Induced By Mmp-9 Enhances Tumor Regression Of Experimental Breast Cancer
  186. Inflammation Initiates Cancer By Depleting Stem Cells
  187. Inflammation Intersection: Gp130 Balances Gut Irritation And Stomach Cancer
  188. Inflammation Is A Key Contributor To Ovarian Cancer Cell Seeding
  189. Inflammation Linking Emt And Cancer Stem Cells
  190. Inflammation Marker And Risk Of Pancreatic Cancer: A Nested Case–Control Study Within The Epic Cohort
  191. Inflammation Markers: New Actors In The Cancer Biomarker Tale
  192. Inflammation Mediated Metastasis: Immune Induced Epithelial-To-Mesenchymal Transition In Inflammatory Breast Cancer Cells
  193. Inflammation Mediates The Effect Of Discrimination, Religiosity, And Friendship Network On Expression Of The Tp53 Cancer Suppressor Gene
  194. Inflammation Meets Cancer, With Nf-Κb As The Matchmaker
  195. Inflammation Modifies The Association Of Obesity With Circulating 25‐Hydroxyvitamin D Levels In Cancer Survivors
  196. Inflammation Of Actinic Keratoses With Capecitabine Therapy For Colon Cancer
  197. Inflammation Of Mammary Adipose Tissue Occurs In Overweight And Obese Patients Exhibiting Early-Stage Breast Cancer
  198. Inflammation On Prostate Needle Biopsy Is Associated With Lower Prostate Cancer Risk: A Meta-Analysis
  199. Inflammation Polymorphisms And Prostate Cancer Risk In Jamaican Men: Role Of Obesity/Body Size
  200. Inflammation Promotes The Development Of Colitis-Associated Colorectal Cancer
  201. Inflammation Related Cancer-Highlights
  202. Inflammation Score As A Novel Prognostic Indicator For Patients Undergoing Video-Assisted Thoracoscopic Surgery Lobectomy For Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer
  203. Inflammation To Cancer: The Molecular Biology In The Pancreas
  204. Inflammation Versus Adaptive Immunity In Cancer Pathogenesis
  205. Inflammation, A Double-Edge Sword For Cancer And Other Age-Related Diseases
  206. Inflammation, A Key Event In Cancer Development
  207. Inflammation, A Key Factor In Cancer Ambush
  208. Inflammation, Adenoma And Cancer: Objective Classification Of Colon Biopsy Specimens With Gene Expression Signature
  209. Inflammation, Ageing And Cancer
  210. Inflammation, Aging And Cancer: Friend Or Foe?
  211. Inflammation, Aging, And CancerVaccines
  212. Inflammation, Aging, And Cancer: Tumoricidal Versus Tumorigenesis Of Immunity
  213. Inflammation, Anti-Inflammatory Drug Use And Risk Of Ovarian Cancer
  214. Inflammation, Apoptosis, And Necrosis Induced By Neoadjuvant Fas Ligand Gene Therapy Improves Survival Of Dogs With Spontaneous Bone Cancer
  215. Inflammation, Apoptosis, And Necrosis Induced By Neoadjuvant Fas Ligand Gene Therapy Improves Survival Of Dogs With Spontaneous Bone Cancer(156.18)
  216. Inflammation, Atrophy, And Gastric Cancer
  217. Inflammation, Atrophy, Gastric Cancer: Connecting The Molecular Dots
  218. Inflammation, Autophagy, And Obesity: Common Features In The Pathogenesis Of Pancreatitis And Pancreatic Cancer
  219. Inflammation, Biomarkers And Immuno-Oncology Pathways In Pancreatic Cancer
  220. Inflammation, Biomarkers And Personalized Therapies In Pancreatic Cancer
  221. Inflammation, Carcinogenesis And Cancer
  222. Inflammation, Cardiometabolic Markers, And Functional Changes In Men With Prostate Cancer
  223. Inflammation, Cardiovascular Disease And Cancer: Moving Toward Predictive Medicine
  224. Inflammation, Cardiovascular Disease, And Cancer: A Common Link With Far-Reaching Implications
  225. Inflammation, Chronic Disease, And Cancer: Is Psychological Distress The Common Thread?
  226. Inflammation, Cox-2 Inhibitors, And Cancer
  227. Inflammation, C-Reactive Protein, And Breast Health: Future Directions To Predict, Prevent, Personalize And Inspire Consumerism In The Mitigation Of Breast Cancer
  228. Inflammation, Dna Methylation And Colitis-Associated Cancer
  229. Inflammation, Dysregulated Metabolism And Aromatase In Obesity And Breast Cancer
  230. Inflammation, Focal Atrophic Lesions, And Prostatic Intraepithelial Neoplasia With Respect To Risk Of Lethal Prostate Cancer
  231. Inflammation, High Grade Prostatic Intraepithelial Neoplasia (Hgpin) And Prostate Cancer: Evidence For A Link At Spectroscopic Magnetic Resonance And Dynamic …
  232. Inflammation, Immunity, And Cancer
  233. Inflammation, Immunosuppressive Microenvironment And Breast Cancer: Opportunities For CancerPrevention And Therapy
  234. Inflammation, Infection, CancerAnd All That… The Role Of Paraoxonases
  235. Inflammation, Macrophage In CancerProgression And Chinese Herbal Treatment
  236. Inflammation, Microbiota, And Prostate Cancer
  237. Inflammation, Microenvironment, And The Immune System In CancerProgression
  238. Inflammation, Necrosis, And Cancer
  239. Inflammation, Obesity, And Colon Cancer
  240. Inflammation, Oxidative Stress, And Cancer: Dietary Approaches For CancerPrevention
  241. Inflammation, Phagocytosis And Cancer: Another Step In The Cd47 Act
  242. Inflammation, Proliferation, And Repair In Thoracic Oncology: Targeted Therapy Of Lung Cancer: The Role Of Osteopontin For CancerEvolution …
  243. Inflammation, Prostate CancerAnd Negative Regulation Of Androgen Receptor Expression
  244. Inflammation, Prostatitis, Proliferative Inflammatory Atrophy:’Fertile Ground’For Prostate CancerDevelopment?
  245. Inflammation, Proteases And Cancer
  246. Inflammation, Proteases And Cancer.
  247. Inflammation, Reproduction, CancerAnd All That…. The Regulation And Role Of The Inducible Prostaglandin Synthase
  248. Inflammation, Senescence And Cancer: Interweaving Microrna, Inflammatory Cytokines And P53 Networks
  249. Inflammation, Tumor Necrosis Factor And Wnt Promotion In Gastric CancerDevelopment
  250. InflammationCancerAnd Chemoresistance: Taking Advantage Of The Toll‐Like Receptor Signaling Pathway
  251. InflammationCancerAnd Immunity–Implication Of Trpv1 Channel.
  252. InflammationCancerAnd Oxidative Lipoxygenase Activity Are Intimately Linked
  253. InflammationCancer, And Bone Loss
  254. InflammationCancer, And Targets Of Ginseng
  255. Inflammation: A Common Contributor To Cancer, Aging, And Cardiovascular Diseases—Expanding The Concept Of Cardio-Oncology
  256. Inflammation: A Driving Force Speeds CancerMetastasis
  257. Inflammation: A Hidden Path To Breaking The Spell Of Ovarian Cancer
  258. Inflammation: An Important Parameter In The Search Of Prostate CancerBiomarkers
  259. Inflammation: Gearing The Journey To Cancer
  260. Inflammation: Its Role And Interplay In The Development Of Cancer, With Special Focus On Gynecological Malignancies
  261. Inflammation: Targeting Inflammatory Pathways To Treat Atherosclerosis And Cancer
  262. Inflammation: The Gut Takes A Toll On Liver Cancer
  263. Inflammation: What Role In Pediatric Cancer?
  264. Inflammation:’Immune Tsunami’Or Erosion Of Integrity In Immune-Privileged And Immune-Responsive Tissues And Acute And Chronic Inflammatory Diseases Or Cancer
  265. Inflammation‐And Angiogenesis‐Related Biomarkers Are Correlated With Cancer‐Related Fatigue In Colorectal CancerPatients: Results From The Colocare Study
  266. Inflammation-And Cancer-Associated Neurolymphatic Remodeling And Cachexia In Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma
  267. Inflammation-And Cancer-Related Cytokine Production In Immunocompromised Hosts. Benefits And Risks
  268. Inflammation-Associated Cns Pathways To Fatigue In Breast CancerPatients
  269. Inflammation-Associated Genes And Genetic Variations In Colorectal Cancer
  270. Inflammation-Associated Genomic Instability In Cancer
  271. Inflammation-Associated Immune Suppression In Cancer: The Roles Played By Cytokines, Chemokines And Additional Mediators
  272. Inflammation-Associated Microsatellite Alterations: Mechanisms And Significance In The Prognosis Of Patients With Colorectal Cancer
  273. Inflammation-Associated Regulation Of The Macrophage Inhibitory Cytokine (Mic-1) Gene In Prostate Cancer
  274. Inflammation-Associated CancerDevelopment In Digestive Organs: Mechanisms And Roles For Genetic And Epigenetic Modulation
  275. Inflammation-Associated Cancer: Nf-Κb Is The Lynchpin
  276. Inflammation-Based Factors And Prognosis In Patients With Colorectal Cancer
  277. Inflammation-Based Indexes And Clinicopathologic Features Are Strong Predictive Values Of Preoperative Circulating Tumor Cell Detection In Gastric CancerPatients
  278. Inflammation-Based Markers Can Predict The Prognosis Of Geriatric Patients With Metastatic Colorectal CancerReceiving First-Line Chemotherapy
  279. Inflammation-Based Prognostic Score As A Predictor Of Postoperative Gastric CancerRecurrence
  280. Inflammation-Based Prognostic Score Predicts Postoperative Survival Of Patients With Interstitial Pneumonia After Undergoing Lung CancerResection
  281. Inflammation-Based Prognostic Score Predicts Survival In Patients With Advanced Gastric CancerReceiving Biweekly Docetaxel And S-1 Combination Chemotherapy
  282. Inflammation-Based Prognostic Scores And Nutritional Prognostic Index In Patients With Locally-Advanced Unresectable Colorectal Cancer
  283. Inflammation-Based Prognostic Scores As Indicators To Select Candidates For Primary Site Resection Followed By Multimodal Therapy Among Colorectal CancerPatients …
  284. Inflammation-Based Prognostic Scores To Predict Outcome In Patients With Cancer.
  285. Inflammation-Based Prognostic System Predicts Postoperative Survival Of Colorectal CancerPatients With A Normal Preoperative Serum Level Of Carcinoembryonic …
  286. Inflammation-Based Prognostic System Predicts Survival After Surgery For Stage Iv Colorectal Cancer
  287. Inflammation-Based Score (Glasgow Prognostic Score) As An Independent Prognostic Factor In Colorectal CancerPatients
  288. Inflammation-Based Scores: A New Method For Patient-Targeted Strategies And Improved Perioperative Outcome In CancerPatients
  289. Inflammation-Based Scoring Is A Useful Prognostic Predictor Of Pulmonary Resection For Elderly Patients With Clinical Stage I Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer
  290. InflammationCancerLink Confirmed
  291. Inflammation‐Dependent Overexpression Of C‐Myc Enhances Crl4Dcaf4 E3 Ligase Activity And Promotes Ubiquitination Of St7 In Colitis‐Associated Cancer
  292. Inflammation‐Induced Activation Of The Indoleamine 2, 3‐Dioxygenase Pathway: Relevance To Cancer‐Related Fatigue
  293. Inflammation-Induced Colon CancerIn Upa-Deficient Mice Is Associated With A Deregulated Expression Of Notch Signaling Pathway Components
  294. Inflammation-Induced Dna Damage, Mutations And Cancer
  295. Inflammation-Induced Iga+ Cells Dismantle Anti-Liver CancerImmunity
  296. Inflammation-Induced Oxidative Stress In Breast CancerPatients
  297. Inflammation-Induced Oxidative Stress Mediates Gene Fusion Formation In Prostate Cancer
  298. Inflammation-Induced Radioresistance Is Mediated By Ros-Dependent Inactivation Of Protein Phosphatase 1 In Non-Small Cell Lung CancerCells
  299. Inflammation-Induced Cancer: Crosstalk Between Tumours, Immune Cells And Microorganisms
  300. Inflammation-Mediated Genetic And Epigenetic Alterations Drive CancerDevelopment In The Neighboring Epithelium Upon Stromal Abrogation Of Tgf-Β …
  301. Inflammation-Modulating Effect Of Butyrate In The Prevention Of Colon CancerBy Dietary Fiber
  302. Inflammation-Related Aberrant Patterns Of Dna Methylation: Detection And Role In Epigenetic Deregulation Of CancerCell Transcriptome
  303. Inflammation-Related Dna Damage And CancerStem Cell Markers In Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma
  304. Inflammation-Related Dna Damage In Relation To The Expression Of CancerStemness Markers In Human Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma
  305. Inflammation-Related Factors Predicting Prognosis Of Gastric Cancer
  306. Inflammation-Related Gene Variants As Risk Factors For Pancreatic Cancer
  307. Inflammation-Related Gene Variants As Risk Factors For Pancreatic CancerAnd Predictors Of Overall Survival After Surgery
  308. Inflammation-Related Cancer
  309. Inflammation-Related CancerOr Cancer-Related Inflammation