1. The Anticonvulsant Activity Of Acetone, The Major Ketone Body In The Ketogenic Diet, Is Not Dependent On Its Metabolites Acetol, 1, 2‐Propanediol, Methylglyoxal, Or …
  2. The Anti-Cancer Effect Of Ketogenic DietOn Lung Squamous Cell Carcinoma
  3. The Anabolic Skeletal Muscle Response To Acute Resistance Exercise Is Not Impaired In Rats Fed A Ketogenic Diet
  4. The 1-Week And 8-Month Effects Of A Ketogenic DietOr Ketone Salt Supplementation On Multi-Organ Markers Of Oxidative Stress And Mitochondrial Function In Rats
  5. The “New” Ketogenic Diet
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  19. Sudden Cardiac Death In Association With The Ketogenic Diet
  20. Successful Use Of A Ketogenic DietFor Weight Loss In Morbidly Obese Adolescents
  21. Successful Treatment Of Type 1 Diabetes And Seizures With Combined Ketogenic DietAnd Insulin
  22. Successful Treatment Of Severe Cardiomyopathy In Glycogen Storage Disease Type Iii With D, L-3-Hydroxybutyrate, Ketogenic And High-Protein Diet
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  24. Successful Treatment Of A Progressive Myopathy Using A Modified Ketogenic DietWith Medium-Chain Triglycerides
  25. Successful Anticonvulsive Therapy With D/L 3-Hydroxybutyrate And Ketogenic DietIn A Boy With Agininosccinate Lyase Deficiency And Status Epileptics Minor
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  28. Substantial And Sustained Seizure Reduction With Ketogenic DietIn A Patient With Ohtahara Syndrome
  29. State Of The Ketogenic Diet(S) In Epilepsy
  30. Starvation Ketoacidosis Due To The Ketogenic DietAnd Prolonged Fasting–A Possibly Dangerous Diet Trend
  31. Sporadic Hypoglycemia: Abnormal Epinephrine Response To The Ketogenic DietOr To Insulin
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  33. Special Circumstances On The Ketogenic Diet
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  35. Some Nursing Aspects Of The Ketogenic Diet
  36. Some Effects Of A Ketogenic Diet
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  39. Slc6A1 Mutation And Ketogenic DietIn Epilepsy With Myoclonic-Atonic Seizures
  40. Six-Month Efficacy Of The Ketogenic DietIs Predicted After 3 Months And Is Unrelated To Clinical Variables
  41. Should We Routinely Use Modified Atkins Diet Instead Of Regular Ketogenic DietTo Treat Children With Epilepsy?
  42. Should The Ketogenic DietBe Considered For Enhancing Fertility?
  43. Short-Term Safety, Tolerability And Efficacy Of A Very Low-Calorie-Ketogenic DietInterventional Weight Loss Program Versus Hypocaloric Diet In Patients With Type 2 …
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  45. Short‐Term Feeding Of A Ketogenic DietInduces More Severe Hepatic Insulin Resistance Than An Obesogenic High‐Fat Diet
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  57. Serum Fibroblast Growth Factor-21 Is Responsive To A Hypocaloric Very Low Carbohydrate Ketogenic DietBut Not A Low Fat Diet
  58. Serial Mri Imaging Reveals Minimal Impact Of Ketogenic DietOn Established Liver Tumor Growth
  59. Serendipitous Fragment-Based Drug Discovery: Ketogenic DietMetabolites And Statins Effectively Inhibit Several Carbonic Anhydrases
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  68. Seizure Control By Ketogenic Diet-Associated Medium Chain Fatty Acids
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  82. Role Of Ketogenic DietIn Management Of Pediatric Epilepsy
  83. Role Of The Ketogenic DietIn Children With Intractable Seizures
  84. Role Of Dna Methylation And Adenosine In Ketogenic DietFor Pharmacoresistant Epilepsy: Focus On Epileptogenesis And Associated Comorbidities
  85. Role Of Choline Deficiency In The Fatty Liver Phenotype Of Mice Fed A Low Protein, Very Low Carbohydrate Ketogenic Diet
  86. Risk Of Seizure Recurrence After Achieving Initial Seizure Freedom On The Ketogenic Diet
  87. Risk Factors For Urolithiasis In Children On The Ketogenic Diet
  88. Review On Role Of Ketogenic DietAnd Excessive Workout On Hormonal Imbalances In Women
  89. Reversible White Matter Lesions During Ketogenic DietTherapy In Glucose Transporter 1 Deficiency Syndrome
  90. Reversal Of Diabetic Neuropathy By A Ketogenic Diet
  91. Reversal Of Diabetic Nephropathy By A Ketogenic Diet
  92. Revealing The Molecular Relationship Between Type 2 Diabetes And The Metabolic Changes Induced By A Very-Low-Carbohydrate Low-Fat Ketogenic Diet
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  99. Resting Metabolic Rate Of Obese Patients Under Very Low Calorie Ketogenic Diet
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  102. Resistance Training In Overweight Women On A Ketogenic DietConserved Lean Body Mass While Reducing Body Fat
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  105. Reply To “When Is A Ketogenic DietKetogenic? Comment On Satiating Effect Of A Ketogenic Diet And Its Impact On Muscle Improvement And Oxidation State In …
  106. Replacing The Ketogenic DietWith Oral Β-Hydroxybutyrate
  107. Renal Stone Associated With The Ketogenic DietIn A 5-Year Old Girl With Intractable Epilepsy
  108. Remarkable Effect Of A Modified Ketogenic DietIn A Boy With Focal Seizures Followed By Epileptic Spasms In A Cluster
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  110. Regulation Of Kynurenine Metabolism By A Ketogenic Diet
  111. Regulation Of Brain Ppargamma2 Contributes To Ketogenic DietAnti-Seizure Efficacy
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  117. Reduced Mitochondrial Reactive Oxygen Species Production In Peripheral Nerves Of Mice Fed A Ketogenic Diet
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  237. Norepinephrine Is Required For The Anticonvulsant Effect Of The Ketogenic Diet
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  609. Ketogenic DietIn A Hippocampal Slice
  610. Ketogenic DietIn 3 Cases Of Childhood Refractory Status Epilepticus
  611. Ketogenic DietImproves The Spatial Memory Impairment Caused By Exposure To Hypobaric Hypoxia Through Increased Acetylation Of Histones In Rats
  612. Ketogenic DietImproves Sleep Quality In Children With Therapy‐Resistant Epilepsy
  613. Ketogenic DietImproves Motor Performance But Not Cognition In Two Mouse Models Of Alzheimer’S Pathology
  614. Ketogenic DietImproves Gut Microbiome And Alzheimer’S Disease Markers (Fs09-02-19)
  615. Ketogenic DietImproves Forelimb Motor Function After Spinal Cord Injury In Rodents
  616. Ketogenic DietImproves Core Symptoms Of Autism In Btbr Mice
  617. Ketogenic DietImproves Brain Ischemic Tolerance And Inhibits Nlrp3 Inflammasome Activation By Preventing Drp1-Mediated Mitochondrial Fission And …
  618. Ketogenic DietImproves Behaviors In A Maternal Immune Activation Model Of Autism Spectrum Disorder
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  652. Ketogenic DietExposure During The Juvenile Period Increases Social Behaviors And Forebrain Neural Activation In Adult Engrailed 2 Null Mice
  653. Ketogenic DietExhibits Neuroprotective Effects In Hippocampus But Fails To Prevent Epileptogenesis In The Lithium‐Pilocarpine Model Of Mesial Temporal Lobe Epilepsy In …
  654. Ketogenic DietExhibits Anti‐Inflammatory Properties
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  664. Ketogenic DietDoes Not Change Nkcc1 And Kcc2 Expression In Rat Hippocampus.
  665. Ketogenic DietDoes Not Affect Strength Performance In Elite Artistic Gymnasts
  666. Ketogenic DietDisrupts The Circadian Clock And Increases Hypofibrinolytic Risk By Inducing Expression Of Plasminogen Activator Inhibitor-1
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  670. Ketogenic DietDecreases Oxidative Stress And Improves Mitochondrial Respiratory Complex Activity
  671. Ketogenic DietDecreases Emergency Room Visits And Hospitalizations Related To Epilepsy
  672. Ketogenic DietDecreases Circulating Concentrations Of Neuroactive Steroids Of Female Rats
  673. Ketogenic DietCompromises Vertebral Microstructure And Biomechanical Characteristics In Mice
  674. Ketogenic DietCompromises Both Cancellous And Cortical Bone Mass In Mice
  675. Ketogenic DietComplications
  676. Ketogenic DietCombined With Melatonin Overcomes Cisplatin And Vincrisitne Drug Resistance In Breast Carcinoma Syngraft
  677. Ketogenic DietCombined With Antioxidant N-Acetylcysteine Inhibits Tumor Growth In A Mouse Model Of Anaplastic Thyroid Cancer
  678. Ketogenic DietChange Cpla2/Clusterin And Autophagy Related Gene Expression And Correlate With Cognitive Deficits And Hippocampal Mfs Sprouting Following …
  679. Ketogenic DietBenefits Body Composition And Well-Being But Not Performance In A Pilot Case Study Of New Zealand Endurance Athletes
  680. Ketogenic DietBased On Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Has No Effects In Young Wistar Rats With Pilocarpine‐Induced Epilepsy
  681. Ketogenic DietAttenuates Spatial And Item Memory Impairment In Pentylenetetrazol-Kindled Rats
  682. Ketogenic DietAttenuates Oxidative Stress And Inflammation After Spinal Cord Injury By Activating Nrf2 And Suppressing The Nf-Κb Signaling Pathways
  683. Ketogenic DietAttenuates Nmda-Induced Damage To Rat’S Retinal Ganglion Cells In An Age-Dependent Manner
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  749. Is There An Ideal Way To Discontinue The Ketogenic Diet?
  750. Is There A Role For A Low-Carbohydrate Ketogenic DietIn The Management Of Prostate Cancer?
  751. Is The Ketogenic DietThe Cure For Multiple Diseases?
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  753. Is The Ketogenic DietEffective In Specific Epilepsy Syndromes?
  754. Is The Restricted Ketogenic DietA Viable Alternative To The Standard Of Care For Managing Malignant Brain Cancer?
  755. Is The Interaction Between Fatty Acids And Tryptophan Responsible For The Efficacy Of A Ketogenic DietIn Epilepsy? The New Hypothesis Of Action
  756. Is The Antiepileptic Effect Of The Ketogenic DietDue To Ketones?
  757. Is Long-Term Use Of The Ketogenic DietSafe And Effective?
  758. Is Hospitalization Really Necessary During The Introduction Of The Ketogenic Diet?
  759. Is A Fast Necessary When Initiating The Ketogenic Diet?
  760. Investigation Of Ketogenic DietMetabolites As A Therapeutic For Alzheimer’S Disease In A Drosophila Model Of Glial Tauopathy
  761. Investigating The Ketogenic DietAs Treatment For Primary Aggressive Brain Cancer: Challenges And Lessons Learned
  762. Investigating The Effect Of Chemotherapy Combined With Ketogenic DietOn Stage Iv Colon Cancer.
  763. Investigating A Ketogenic DietAs A Potential Adjunctive Therapy For Colon Cancer Treatment
  764. Introduction To The Ketogenic DietAnd Other Dietary Treatments
  765. Introduction Of A Ketogenic DietIn Young Infants
  766. Intravenous Ketogenic DietTherapy For Treatment Of The Acute Stage Of Super-Refractory Status Epilepticus In A Pediatric Patient
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  777. Interest In The Ketogenic DietGrows For Weight Loss And Type 2 Diabetes
  778. Intensification Of Weight Loss With The Ketogenic DietDuring The Management Of A Super Obese: Case Study
  779. Integrative Tumor Profiling Following A Ketogenic DietOffers A Window Into The Interplay Between Metabolic Vulnerabilities And Radiation Sensitization In …
  780. Insulin-Dependent Type 2 Diabetes Treated With Berberine, Alpha-Lipoic Acid And A Ketogenic Diet: A Case Report
  781. Insulin Sensitivity And Glucose Tolerance Are Altered By Maintenance On A Ketogenic Diet
  782. Insights From Neuroimaging Studies Into Ketosis And The Ketogenic Diet
  783. Initiating The Ketogenic DietWithout The Traditional Fasting Period
  784. Initiating The Ketogenic DietIn Infants With Treatment Refractory Epilepsy While Maintaining A Breast Milk Diet
  785. Initiating And Maintaining The Ketogenic DietIn Breastfed Infants
  786. Inhibition Of Neuroblastoma Tumor Growth By Ketogenic DietAnd/Or Calorie Restriction In A Cd1-Nu Mouse Model
  787. Inhibition Of Monoacylglycerol Lipase Terminates Diazepam‐Resistant Status Epilepticus In Mice And Its Effects Are Potentiated By A Ketogenic Diet
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  798. Infantile Phosphofructokinase Deficiency With Arthrogryposis: Clinical Benefit Of A Ketogenic Diet
  799. Indispensable Amino Acid–Deficient Diets Induce Seizures In Ketogenic Diet–Fed Rodents, Demonstrating A Role For Amino Acid Balance In Dietary Treatments For …
  800. Indications And Results Of Nonpharmacological Treatments Of Epilepsies: Vagal Stimulation, Ketogenic DietAnd Gamma Rays
  801. Indications And Contraindications Of The Ketogenic Diet
  802. Increased Very Long Chain Fatty Acids In Patients On A Ketogenic Diet: A Cause Of Diagnostic Confusion
  803. Increased Nitric Oxide Caused By The Ketogenic DietReduces The Onset Time Of Kainic Acid-Induced Seizures In Icr Mice
  804. In Vivo Ketogenic DietTreatment Attenuates Pathologic Sharp Waves And High Frequency Oscillations In In Vitro Hippocampal Slices From Epileptic Kv1.1Α Knockout Mice
  805. In Vivo Measurement Of Brain Metabolites Using Two‐Dimensional Double‐Quantum Mr Spectroscopy—Exploration Of Gaba Levels In A Ketogenic Diet
  806. In Response: The Equivalence Of The Ketogenic DietAnd Adrenocorticotropic Hormone For Treatment Of Infantile Spasms: More Suggestion Than Conclusion.
  807. Improving Tolerability Of The Ketogenic DietIn Patients With Abnormal Endoscopic Findings
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  809. Implications Of Ketogenic DietOn Weight Gain, Motor Activity And Cicatrization In Wistar Rats
  810. Implications Of The Ketogenic DietOn Metabolic Syndrome
  811. Implications Of Fiber Inadequacy In The Ketogenic Diet: A Case Study
  812. Implementing The Ketogenic Diet
  813. Implementing A Ketogenic DietBased On Medium-Chain Triglyceride Oil In Pediatric Patients With Cancer
  814. Implementing A Low-Carbohydrate, Ketogenic DietTo Manage Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
  815. Implementation Of Ketogenic DietIn Children With Drug-Resistant Epilepsy In A Medium Resources Setting: Egyptian Experience
  816. Impaired Neutrophil Function In Children With Seizures Treated With The Ketogenic Diet
  817. Impaired Expression Of Ketone Metabolizing Enzymes In Malignant Gliomas: Implication For Ketogenic Diet
  818. Impact Of Ketogenic DietOn Athletes: Current Insights
  819. Impact Of The Ketogenic DietOn Linear Growth In Children: A Single-Center Retrospective Analysis Of 34 Cases
  820. Impact Of The Ketogenic DietOn Human Gut
  821. Impact Of Modified Ketogenic DietTreatments On Biochemical Markers, Anthropometrics, And Gastrointestinal Symptoms In Adults With Epilepsy
  822. Impact Of Child Life Services On Children And Families Admitted To Start The Ketogenic Diet
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  828. Impact Of A Low-Carbohydrate, High-Fat Modified Ketogenic DietOnanthropometrics, Biochemical Values, And Gastrointestinal Symptoms In Adultpatients …
  829. Impact Of A 6-Week Non-Energy-Restricted Ketogenic DietOn Physical Fitness, Body Composition And Biochemical Parameters In Healthy Adults
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  838. How Often Is Antiseizure Drug-Free Ketogenic DietTherapy Achieved?
  839. How Much Weight Should We Expect Someone To Lose On The Ketogenic Diet?
  840. How Effective Is The Ketogenic DietFor Electrical Status Epilepticus Of Sleep?
  841. How Does The Ketogenic DietWork? Four Potential Mechanisms
  842. How Does The Ketogenic DietWork?
  843. How Does The Ketogenic DietInduce Anti-Seizure Effects?
  844. How Do You Keto? Survey Of North American Pediatric Ketogenic DietCenters
  845. How Do Parents Find Out About The Ketogenic Diet?
  846. How Can A Ketogenic DietImprove Motor Function?
  847. Hormonal And Metabolic Changes Induced By An Isocaloric Isoproteinic Ketogenic DietIn Healthy Subjects.
  848. Home-Guided Use Of The Ketogenic DietIn A Patient For More Than 20 Years
  849. History Of The Ketogenic Diet
  850. History And Origin Of The Ketogenic Diet
  851. Higher Ketogenic DietRatios Confer Protection From Seizures Without Neurotoxicity
  852. Hg-32Use Of Ketogenic DietAs A Complimentary Metabolic Therapy During Chemo-Radiation Therapy In A 7 Year Old Female With …
  853. Hepatic Steatosis, Inflammation, And Er Stress In Mice Maintained Long Term On A Very Low-Carbohydrate Ketogenic Diet
  854. Hepatic Fatty Acid Profile Of Rats Fed A Triheptanoin-Based Ketogenic Diet
  855. Hepatic Dysfunction As A Complication Of Combined Valproate And Ketogenic Diet
  856. Health Risks Of Combining Weight Loss Dietary Supplements With A Ketogenic DietIn Case Of Intense Physical Effort.
  857. Health Related Quality Of Life Of Children With Refractory Epilepsy On The Ketogenic Diet(P3. 244)
  858. Health Education Of Ketogenic DietTherapy For Children With Intractable Epilepsy
  859. Gut Microbiota, The Ketogenic DietAnd Epilepsy
  860. Gut Microbes May Account For The Anti-Seizure Effects Of The Ketogenic Diet
  861. Guiding Ketogenic DietWith Breath Acetone Sensors
  862. Growth Retardation In Children With Epilepsy On The Ketogenic Diet: A Retrospective Chart Review
  863. Growth Patterns On Ketogenic DietTherapy–A Retrospective Study
  864. Growth Of Infants And Children Treated With The Ketogenic DietFor Intractable Epilepsy
  865. Growth Of Human Gastric Cancer Cells In Nude Mice Is Delayed By A Ketogenic DietSupplemented With Omega-3 Fatty Acids And Medium-Chain Triglycerides
  866. Growth Of Children On The Ketogenic Diet
  867. Growth Dependence On Insulin‐Like Growth Factor‐1 During The Ketogenic Diet
  868. Gp229 The Use Of The Ketogenic DietIn A Metabolic Patient With Glycogen Storage Disease Type Iiia
  869. Glycaemic Stability Of A Cyclist With Type 1 Diabetes: 4011 Km In 20 Days On A Ketogenic Diet
  870. Glut1Ds And The Ketogenic Diet.
  871. Glut1 Deficiency With Delayed Myelination Responding To Ketogenic Diet
  872. Glucose Transporter Type 1 Deficiency: Ketogenic DietIn Three Patients With Atypical Phenotype
  873. Glucose Transporter Type 1 Deficiency Syndrome And The Ketogenic Diet
  874. Glucose Transporter Type 1 Deficiency Syndrome (Glut1) And Using Ketogenic DietIn Treatment Of De Vivo Disease (A Case …
  875. Glucose Transporter Deficiency Syndrome (Glut1Ds) And The Ketogenic Diet
  876. Glucose Transponer Type 1 Deficiency Sindrome (Glut-1 Sd) Treated With Ketogenic Diet. Report Of One Case
  877. Glucose Reduces The Anticonvulsant Effects Of The Ketogenic DietIn El Mice
  878. Glucose And Lipid Homeostasis And Inflammation In Humans Following An Isocaloric Ketogenic Diet
  879. Ghrelin Plasma Levels After 1 Year Of Ketogenic DietIn Children With Refractory Epilepsy
  880. Gestational Ketogenic DietPrograms Brain Structure And Susceptibility To Depression & Anxiety In The Adult Mouse Offspring
  881. Genetic Modifications Associated With Ketogenic DietTreatment In The Btbrt+Tf/J Mouse Model Of Autism Spectrum Disorder
  882. Genetic Influences On Ketogenic DietEfficacy
  883. General Anesthesia With Propofol For A Pediatric Patient On A Ketogenic Diet
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  1261. Capacity For Moderate Exercise In Obese Subjects After Adaptation To A Hypocaloric, Ketogenic Diet
  1262. Can Ketogenic DietSlow Progression Of Als?
  1263. Can You Predict An Immediate, Complete, And Sustained Response To The Ketogenic Diet?
  1264. Can You Fine Tune The Ketogenic Diet(P4. 323)
  1265. Can We Predict Efficacy Of The Ketogenic DietIn Children With Refractory Epilepsy?
  1266. Can We Predict A Favourable Response To Ketogenic DietTherapies For Drug-Resistant Epilepsy?
  1267. Can The Ketogenic DietBe Anticonvulsant As Well As Antiepileptogenic?
  1268. Can Children With Hyperlipidemia Receive Ketogenic DietFor Medication-Resistant Epilepsy?
  1269. Can An Early 24-Hour Eeg Predict The Response To The Ketogenic Diet? A Prospective Study In 34 Children And Adults With Refractory Epilepsy Treated With The Ketogenic Diet
  1270. Can A Ketogenic DietBe Safely Used To Improve Glycaemic Control In A Child With Type 1 Diabetes?
  1271. Calorie‐Restricted Ketogenic DietIncreases Thresholds To All Patterns Of Pentylenetetrazol‐Induced Seizures: Critical Importance Of Electroclinical Assessment
  1272. Calorie Restriction Of A High-Carbohydrate Diet Elevates The Threshold Of Ptz-Induced Seizures To Values Equal To Those Seen With A Ketogenic Diet
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  1278. Buteyko Breathing Technique And Ketogenic DietAs Potential Hormetins In Nonpharmacological Metabolic Approaches To Health And Longevity
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  1294. Biochemical Abnormalities Of The Ketogenic DietIn Children
  1295. Beyond Epilepsy: Ketogenic DietUse In Other Disease States
  1296. Beta-Adrenergic Receptors Are Critical For Weight Loss But Not For Other Metabolic Adaptations To The Consumption Of A Ketogenic DietIn Male Mice
  1297. Benefits Of The Ketogenic Diet
  1298. Benefits Of The Nonfasting Ketogenic DietCompared With The Initial Fasting Ketogenic Diet
  1299. Benefits Of An All‐Liquid Ketogenic Diet
  1300. Beneficial Effects Of Ketogenic DietIn Obese Diabetic Subjects
  1301. Beneficial Effect Of Feeding A Ketogenic DietTo Mothers On Brain Development In Their Progeny With A Murine Model Of Pyruvate Dehydrogenase Complex …
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  1321. Antiepileptic Popular Ketogenic Diet: Emerging Twists In An Ancient Story
  1322. Anticonvulsant Properties Of The Ketogenic DietIn Mice
  1323. Anticonvulsant Properties Of Acetone, A Brain Ketone Elevated By The Ketogenic Diet
  1324. Anticonvulsant Profile Of Caprylic Acid, A Main Constituent Of The Medium-Chain Triglyceride (Mct) Ketogenic Diet, In Mice
  1325. Anticonvulsant Profile Of A Balanced Ketogenic DietIn Acute Mouse Seizure Models
  1326. Anticonvulsant Mechanisms Of The Ketogenic Diet
  1327. Anticonvulsant And Neuroprotective Effects Of The Ketogenic Diet
  1328. Anticonvulsant Activity Of Acetone, The Major Ketone Body In The Ketogenic Diet, Is Not Dependent On Its Metabolites Acetol, 1, 2-Propanediol, Methylglyoxal Or Pyruvic …
  1329. Animal Models Of The Ketogenic Diet: What Have We Learned, What Can We Learn?
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  1342. An Experimental Ketogenic DietFor Alzheimer Disease Was Nutritionally Dense And Rich In Vegetables And Avocado
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  1351. Alternative Ketogenic DietWith Coconut Milk In A Case With Underlying Colorectal Cancer
  1352. Alternative Neurology: The Ketogenic Diet
  1353. Alternative Medications For Epilepsy Of Infancy With Migrating Focal Seizures; Potassium Bromide And Ketogenic Diet
  1354. Alternative Epilepsy Therapies: The Ketogenic Diet, Immunoglobulins, And Steroids
  1355. Alternative Diets To The Classical Ketogenic Diet—Can We Be More Liberal?
  1356. Alternative Approaches: Ketogenic DietAnd Medium-Chain Triglycerides
  1357. Alternating Hemiplegia Of Childhood With A De Novo Mutation In Atp1A3 And Changes In Slc2A1 Responsive To A Ketogenic Diet
  1358. Altered Mitochondrial Retrograde Signaling In Response To Mtdna Depletion Or A Ketogenic Diet
  1359. Altered Gut Microbiome Composition In Children With Refractory Epilepsy After Ketogenic Diet
  1360. Altered Expression Of O-Glcnac-Modified Proteins In A Mouse Model Whose Glycemic Status Is Controlled By A Low Carbohydrate Ketogenic Diet
  1361. Alow-Carbohydrate Ketogenic DietReduces Body Weight Without Compromising Performance In Powerlifting And Olympic …
  1362. Age-Dependent Pathways Of Brain Energy Metabolism: The Suckling Rat, A Natural Model Of The Ketogenic Diet
  1363. Age-Dependent Differences In Flurothyl Seizure Sensitivity In Mice Treated With A Ketogenic Diet
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  1390. Ketogenic DietReduces Metabolic Syndrome-Induced Allodynia And Promotes Peripheral Nerve Growth In Mice
  1391. Ketogenic DietReduces Long-Term Potentiation In The Dentate Gyrus Of Freely Behaving Rats
  1392. Ketogenic DietReduces Central Obesity And Serum Insulin In Women With Ovarian Or Endometrial Cancer
  1393. Ketogenic DietReduces Amyloid Beta 40 And 42 In A Mouse Model Of Alzheimer’S Disease
  1394. Ketogenic DietPrevents Alterations In Peripheral Nerve Function Induced With A High-Fat/Carbohydrate Diet
  1395. Ketogenic DietPrevents Abnormal Changes In Peripheral Nerve Function Caused By A High-Fat Diet
  1396. Ketogenic DietNormalizes Interictal Cortical But Not Subcortical Responsivity In Migraineurs
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  1402. Ketogenic DietIncreases The Resistance To Pentylenetetrazole‐Induced Seizures In The Rat
  1403. Ketogenic DietIncreases Succinic Dehydrogenase (Sdh) Activity And Recovers Age-Related Decrease In Numeric Density Of Sdh-Positive Mitochondria In Cerebellar …
  1404. Ketogenic DietIncreases Protein Phosphorylation In Brain Slices Of Rats
  1405. Ketogenic DietIncreases Markers Of Mitochondrial Content In A Tissue Specific Manner In Adult Mice
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